Why should you rely on a professional translator when any Artificial Intelligence program can translate a text from English to Italian with acceptable results? The key lies in the adjective “acceptable.” If you don’t want or can’t settle for a mediocre outcome but expect a clear, effective, and well-written text, then you need a professional translator like me.

A Matter of Style

I’m Stefania, a translator with a decade of experience and many satisfied clients. If you entrust me with a text written in English, I will deliver a smooth, clear translation in Italian that perfectly aligns with your communication needs. Each sentence can be translated in many ways, emphasizing specific concepts, and creating a certain atmosphere. In translation, the choice of words and how they are combined evoke a precise effect in the reader. Just like in all writing, translation is also a matter of style.

How My Translation Service Works

To provide an Italian translation that reflects your communication style and requirements, I will need to understand the context in which the text is used. I’ll ask you for any style guides, glossaries, or related texts that you’ve had translated into Italian, which can serve as references. I’ll also inquire about the target audience and the medium in which the text will be conveyed. Is it an article for a magazine, website content, or a description for a catalog? These factors will help me make the best choices.

Finally, if the text is lengthy or has a complex structure, I will work with a colleague who will review the translation to ensure there are no errors or unclear sentences.

My Specializations

Professional translation requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and specific terminology. This is why I have specialized in certain sectors though I also translate other kinds of texts.

  • Tourism and Culture: tourist guides, websites for hospitality establishments, catalogs for exhibitions and events, promotional texts, etc.
  • Literature: novels, non-fiction, popular science, children’s books, etc.
  • Audiovisual: video subtitles, scripts, film treatments, etc.

Do you have a text that doesn’t fit into these categories? Write to me, and I’ll let you know if I can help you.


Several factors determine the price of a translation, such as complexity, urgency, and the use of specialized terminology. As a rough estimate, consider that translating a two-page text for a general audience starts at €70.