Translation for Culture and Tourism

I feel that artistic and natural beauties are best appreciated when you understand the context in which they are situated. That’s why, alongside my work as an interpreter for the tourism sector, I also offer my services as a translator for cultural and tourism-related texts from English and Spanish into Italian.

Types of texts i translate

For several years, I have collaborated with publishing houses, museums, and other institutions in translating:

  • Tourist guides
  • Catalogs for museums, galleries, and auctions
  • Websites for tourist facilities
  • Promotional texts for events

Translating texts for art and tourism: specific factors

Image management

Texts related to culture and tourism are often full of photographs, maps, and other images that not only provide context but are often accompanied by captions or contain text within them. It is advisable to translate directly in the print file to have constant access to the context and page structure.

I have an excellent knowledge of major typesetting software, especially InDesign, enabling me to translate your cultural or tourism-related text into Italian directly in the formatted file with all the images. This way, you can be assured that the context is preserved, and texts inside figures are accurately translated. You will have a ready-to-print Italian translation without the need for additional typesetting.

Speaking to the reader

Many texts for art or tourism are informative and address an enthusiastic yet general audience. This makes it key to translate them using clear and easily understandable language while retaining all the information.

My approach, respectful both to the reader and the source text, is to translate all technical terms if there is an established Italian translation; otherwise, I leave them in the original language and add a brief explanation. In some cases, I suggest incorporating a glossary or an index – a decision we will make together should you choose to entrust me with the Italian translation of a tourist guide or an art catalog.


The cost depends on the nature, length, and complexity of the text, particularly when typesetting is required. As a general indication, translating a one-page website for a hotel starts at €150.