Cherokee Street

The filmmaker Maria Pecchioli reached out to me to create Italian subtitles for her short film, “Cherokee Street,” which was originally shot in English.

The context

“Cherokee Street” portrays a community in the outskirts of St. Louis, comprising of African Americans, Latinos, and Caucasians. Following the ancient Chinese book “I-Ching” or “The Book of Changes,” this artist’s short film paints a portrait of the people living in this area.

Project complexities

Creating Italian subtitles for this video presented its challenges: the characters were not professional actors, and many of them had strong accents. Moreover, the video featured singing and even rap parts. To tackle these difficulties, I sought the assistance of a native English-speaking colleague, who helped me understand the more intricate parts.

Our collaboration

After preparing the initial draft, I collaborated with the client to decide whether or not to translate the singing parts, which were quite fast-paced and challenging to reproduce as subtitles. The client also aided in verifying the accuracy of the captions featuring quotes from the book “I-Ching,” as she had in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. In cases where the client is not fluent in Italian or lacks expertise in the field, I consult with colleagues or other professionals with extensive knowledge of the topic.

Final result

The short film video with its original English audio and my Italian subtitles is available on the artist’s website.

If you also wish to add Italian subtitles to an English or Spanish video, please visit the page about Italian subtitles translation.