Are you coming to Tuscany for business or a personal meeting and need to interact with people who don’t speak English well, while your Italian is limited or inexistent?

If you’ve already made attempts on your own, you know how frustrating it can be not to fully express your thoughts or understand others due to language barriers.

This is where I come in as your interpreter: I will accompany you and be by your side to translate your words into Italian and convey the responses of others in English.

How My Interpreting Service Works

My interpreting service in Tuscany is designed for small groups of people who communicate in Italian, and with whom you need to engage for work or personal needs. No special equipment is needed, and it can take place practically anywhere: during a visit to a company, at a trade fair, in a hotel, on the sidelines of a conference, or even in a public venue. I will simply stand beside you and be your voice in Italian.

The key requirement for a successful interpreting service is trust. To properly prepare, I need as much information as possible about the nature of the meeting and the people we will be interacting with. When I interpret, you will be able to trust me as your linguistic intermediary. Rest assured, I will provide the professionalism and discretion you need.

I Can Assist You If

There are a wide variety of situations needing liaison interpreting services.

Here are some fields I frequently work in, which reflect Tuscany’s economy.

  • Tourism: I work as an interpreter for tourists during guided tours, excursions, events, weddings, etc. Take a look at my page about this service.
  • Food and Wine: I will help you interact during tastings, cooking courses, and tours of farms and wineries.
  • Art and Culture: I lend my voice during exhibitions, book presentations, festivals, auctions, etc. I provide written translations for catalogs and other informational materials.

For all other situations where you need to interact with people who do not speak English well during an event in Tuscany, feel free to contact me, and I’ll be delighted to assist you!


The cost starts from €150 for half-day events taking place in the provinces of Lucca and Pistoia. The price can vary depending on the location in Tuscany, the number of people involved, and the complexity of the event. The cost includes any preliminary discussions with the client and the preparation work.