Visiting Tuscany

Are you planning to vacation in Tuscany and you would like to visit a specific place or attend an event but you’re afraid of missing something because you don’t speak Italian?

I’m here to help! I’m Stefania, an English-Italian tourism interpreter based in Tuscany since 2006. I’m a qualified member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI) and a member of the Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (FISAR).

As your local interpreter, I’ll assist you during your stay, facilitating your communication with Italian people and giving you invaluable insights to make the most of your vacation and bring home wonderful memories of Tuscany.

And the best thing is that I’ll do it only for YOU. Forget those tours with a bunch of people, packed schedules, and tour leaders constantly with you. I’ll provide you with a custom experience, and I’ll be there only when you need my services.

When can I help you?

  • A visit to a winery, a farm, a village… Besides translating the host’s words into English and your questions into Italian during the visit and the tasting, I can organize the visit for you. If you want to see something that avarage turists won’t see, I can offer acknowledge help.
  • An exhibition or a show. Art is one of my specializations and I’d be glad to accompany you to cultural events, helping you to understand the context, interacting with people, or buying pieces of art if you like. I also work as an interpreter at art auctions.
  • A wedding. Even your own wedding! I can be your official interpreter during the ceremony and work closely with your wedding planner to ensure that everything goes perfectly during the best day of your life. I provide my service during symbolic ceremonies, too.

How does it work?

Send me a message to tell me what you need. Depending on the level of assistance you’d like to receive, I can take care of the organization before your arrival (contact venues, check opening times, buy tickets, make a reservation for a table, etc.), be available during your whole stay or just provide my interpreting service during the event you’d like to attend.

Make sure to contact me in advance to book my availability.

How much does it cost?

The price of the service varies depending on the location in Tuscany, the number of people involved, and the level of assistance required. My interpreting service for a day starts from €200.