Venus Anh

Venus Anh is a verse novel set in Ancient Rome, the debut work of Canadian writer, photographer, and painter, Michael Sundberg.

Michael contacted me to translate his novel into Italian, as it is primarily set in Italy and draws inspiration from the story of Julius Caesar. He believed that the Italian audience would be interested in his work.

A broader project

Soon, the author, who had in the meantime moved to Rome, told me that he had a broader project in mind. After the translation and publication of the novel in both print and e-book formats, he embarked on a photographic project with professional models who interpreted the 55 scenes of the book. These photographs were included in a new illustrated version of the book (link:, shared on the author’s social media channels, and featured in a blog for which I took care of the Italian version.

To promote his work, Michael also filmed a video for which I created Italian subtitles.

What the author said

Stefania has provided very professional English/Italian translation service for my book published in Italy. Highly recommended!

Michael Sund

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